Press Release: Fudan hub of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research to address China’s sustainability challenges


The University of East Anglia (UEA) in the UK and Fudan University in Shanghai this week launch the Chinese hub of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Fudan. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, spoke about the value of the Fudan-Tyndall alliance when he last year led the biggest ever UK delegation to China.

The new Tyndall Centre Fudan will unite the research and teaching strength of two world-leading institutions to explore potential answers to climate change. This expansion of the Tyndall Centre to China creates new opportunities for collaborative research by bringing together researchers from across the scientific engineering, health, social science and economic communities. Fudan University is one of the ‘big three’ Universities in China.

“We have been delighted at the support this initiative has received in China. It is our intention to combine   the interdisciplinary strengths of all the UK universities in the Tyndall Centre and the excellence of Fudan University in order to better address some of the challenging problems which climate change is throwing at us. It is an exciting opportunity for both countries” says Professor Trevor Davies, Co-Director of Fudan Tyndall Centre alongside Professor Yiqu Luo of Fudan University. Trevor Davies is current UEA Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Transfer.

Fudan Tyndall Centre is a new opportunity for exchange of knowledge and expertise. China is in the process of becoming the world’s most powerful economy and their growth pathway will strongly influence global climate change, the world’s food, energy and human security, and impact water security and air quality in East Asia. These critical areas match the research priorities of Fudan Tyndall Centre: Transitioning to a low carbon economy; adapting people and places to the impacts of climate change; and securing supplies of food and water. Work has already begun on flagship projects looking at the societal role of high emitting groups; water security in China, and nitrogen emissions from intensive agriculture.

Fudan Tyndall Centre is funded with a 15 year commitment by the Chinese central government and the Shanghai City government. The UK launch of the Fudan Tyndall Centre alliance took place in Norwich last May when Professor Academician Yuliang Yang was awarded an Honorary Degree by the University of East Anglia.

The Tyndall Centre has developed an outstanding international reputation for its research into sustainable options for climate change, and for providing an independent evidence-base to UK, EU and international policy makers. The Tyndall Centre is regarded internationally as an exemplar of the type of deeply interdisciplinary research which is needed to rise to the challenge of climate change, as well as being a model of cooperation between universities. 

Founded in 2000 and led by UEA, the Tyndall Centre comprises a partnership of the Universities of Cambridge, Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Southampton and Sussex. Fudan is a major university of world standing and is one of the top three of 2000 universities in China. It consists of 45,000 students in one of the world’s mega-cities, and has excellence in many academic disciplines.

In addition to the research collaboration, UEA will help Fudan build an exemplar low energy building on Fudan’s new campus that will become the home of Fudan Tyndall Centre. UEA has been at the forefront of low carbon campus buildings since it built its first in 1994, posited by  the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers as ‘the best building ever’. The Zuckerman Institute building, home to the Tyndall Centre at UEA, won the first ever Low Carbon Building award in 2005. Three new low carbon buildings have been constructed since. UEA powers its buildings with efficient heating and cooling and has built a biomass power station on-site. 

Fudan Tyndall Centre is launched on the 27 May, followed by the prestigious Shanghai Forum 28-30 May, an international economic summit hosted by Fudan University.


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Fudan hub of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
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